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>> good evening i'm dan. breaking news is in castro valley where there has been a shooting at redwood road and westbound 5 80. all westbound lanes between the castro valley exit and redwood road are closed right now. we have reports that gun fire broke out between 2 cars. it does not appear that anyone was hit however. now this happened a little over an hour ago. detours are set up in the area. we'll keep you updated. >> another breaking story tonight. crews on the scene of house fire in san jose. now the fire started in the garage of a home on the 3100 block of mid hearst court. fire spread to the house, the roof has collapsed. neighboring homes have been evacuated as precaution. so far we understand the good news here at least is that no one has been hurt. we are following that story of course closely as well. well now to an east oakland neighborhood riddled by gun fir. wounding a pregnant woma
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woman. we were over east tenth street at seminary avenue east 16th pardon me shortly after 2 men opened fire spraying dozens of bullet down the street. bullet hit at least 2 considers and 3 houses but again miraculously missed everyone around. pregnant woman was in one of the cars with her 3 young daughters and was hit by broken glass. not a bullet. breaken glass from a window blown out by the gunshots. she told abc 7 news reporter allen she was scared but not seriously hurt. >> i thought it was fireworks. i didn't think they were actually somewhating. i thought it was a joke. and i looked up and i just started seeing stuff flying and i told my daughters to get down. get down. and it just went on and on and on and it just i don't know. i didn't even have time to really react. i told them to get down. >>reporter: well no one inside
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the 3 homes was hit either. amazingly. despite dozens of bullet anything around. police don't know yet who the target of the drive-by was. they are looking for 2 men last seen in a brown car. that's the best description they have at the moment. move on to more positive news. governor brown signed a law today that could dramatically change the way that we use freeway and even park our cars. of business technology reporter david lou has the story. >> this new breed of car appears destined for california roads in just a few years. goggle has been testing a fleet of prius hybrid drive themselves self using accepts ors radar and gps satellite navigation. governor brown arrived at the google plex in one of the self driving cars and said he was impressed. >> today we are looking at science fiction becoming tomorrow reality. self driving cars. >>reporter: he was there to sign a bill authored by state senator padilla that will set regular litigation for making them street legal. >> we can save lives. we can
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create jobs. and ease congestion and reduce emission in the process that's a dream bill. whether an engineer or a politician. >> about 40,000 americans are killed yearly in auto accident accidents. engineers are cop convinced self driving cars will reduce those numbers. jobs will be created to develop the navigation sensors and other technology. freeway will be less congested because computers will allow cars to travel safely nearly bumper to bumper. google co-founder pwrin also foresee reduced need for massive parking lots. >> what i see in the project is potentially to really transform our urban centers and not need that much parringing. you can have a car drop you off here to work. get out. walk through a little bit of green space and it goes off and takes somebody somewhere else. >>reporter: he is wearing the experimental goggle google developing that allow people to take video or photo without using a smart phone as governor brown did. major auto maker
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are already working on driverless car technology shearing the vision engineers at google and stanford have embraced. self driving cars could expand the market some difficult em powering the vision impaired and disabled to share the road. bill the governor signed will give the dmv three years to come up with safety and performance regulation to awill you those self driving cars to hit the streets. in sap jose, david lou abc 7 news. some tough news today for bay area employees. comcast told nearly 1,000 work daers that 3 of the calf call centers will be closing in november and those jobs are moving out of state. employee in life more morgan hill and sacramento call centers met with comcast officials today to hear the news. they now have the option to look for another job all together or relocate to oregon, washington or colorado. >> it's difficult to say how many employees will be willing to rae locate out of the state. certainly everybody financial situation or family situation is different. we have
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committed that we are going to meet individually with each of the 1,000 employees over the next week. >>reporter: comcast says it decided to close the call center because of high cost of doing business here in california. the livermore chamber of commerce president says the repositioning of the comcast jobs is clearly unfortunate but not a death blow to the city by any stretch. new maul is expected to bring economic and employment boom to the area. so they are searching for employee. this maul will employ over 2000 people. not counting construction. >> but comcast employee tell us they are understandably shocked and disappointed by this news. tonight former private investigators who admits to orchestrating a scandal that rocked the contra costa county sheriff's office is headed to prison. laura with the new development in the case against christopher butler. >>reporter: as part of plea deal oakland judge sentenced former private investigators
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butler to 8 years in federal prison. department recommended more than 12. his attorney says the sentence is a reflection of butler cooperation with investigators. >> the accidents of his cooperation was extraordinary. the accident to which everything he said to the authorities from day one was completely borne out as factually accurate. >>reporter: he was involved in the scandal theft and sale of drugs from the task force as well as the so-called dirty dui scheme. he set up men going through nasty divorce for drunk driving arrest. in may the 51-year-old butler pleaded guilty to receive felony counts including methamphetamine and marijuana distribution. theft conspiracy extortion and robbery. at his sentencing butler told the judge quote i just want to apologize to the community for the anxiety fear and suffering i caused others. i weren't to apologies to the law enforcement community for
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the embarrassment and betrayal i inflicted upon it. >> mr. butler has lied and continues to lie. >>reporter: attorney michael represents former commander well of much. his trial is set to begin by the end of the year. star witness against him christopher butler. >> considering mr. butler hasn't told the truth about anything since he has been arrested, i'm not sure he will have much impact on the case. >>reporter: another former friend of butler could also be the target of his testimony. san ramone divorce lawyer pleaded not guilty this morning to tax evasion and wire tapping charges related to her alleged involvement with butler in the dirty dui scheme. >> he will make a good witness? >> i think he will make a good witness. >>reporter: now butler has been held in protective custody in federal facility in dublin since may. today in court his attorney asked that he be kept there to serve the duration of his sentence because as a fo forker cop and someone who could now be libld a snitch he could become a target in priso
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prison. in oakland, abc 7 new news. 20-year-old fresno man has been arrested in the death of popular high school football player in what police like to game of russian roulette. police say terence lee load add bullet into a revolver, spun the cylinder then fired it twice at high school senior mark sutton. avenues wide receiver and defensive back at edison high school. well, everybody is talking about this. to the blown call that really has the whole country talking about football. mike shoe man touched on it last nature when the nfl repolicement referee cost the pack ears victory. today the nfl upheld that disputed decision. here's dan harris. >>reporter: there are 8 seconds on the klochblingt seahawks arelessing to the packers and quarterback throws a hail mary. >> fought for by tate with jennings simultaneous who has it. who they give it to.
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touch down. >>reporter: 2 replacement referee do one rules it a touch down while the other signal something entirely different. >> it feels like a jennings interception. >>reporter: moments later though. >> after final review the call on the field stands touch down. game is over. >>reporter: that sets off an instant fire storm. >> this is comical to me. really. mikie tell you that 2 of the worst calls at the end of a football game i can remember. >>reporter: announcers xlaichbility so does the packer coach. >> i have never seen anything like that in all my years in football. >>reporter: it's awful. then other packer players post the nfl commissioner phone number and launch expletive filled rant. today president obama himself weighing in saying the call was terrible. a rare point of agreement with republican vice-presidential candidate paul ryanimself a packer fan. >> give me a break. it is time
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to get the real the refuses. >>reporter: locked out since june as part of labor dispute. all season the replacement referee the league brought in source of enormous frustratio frustration. so who are they? according to espn the man who called last nature touch down is a local executive for bank of america who has only officiated high school and junior college football games. today we also learn that another replacement referee not involved in last nature game had been fired from something called the lingerie football league for incompetent. if any good to come out of this aside for seattle fans. >> my good it was amazing. best game ever. >>reporter: it's this uproar may help end the lock out. tonight the 2 sides are reportedly back at the table. dan harris abc news new york. >> well there is more. new jersey state senate president steve sweeney says replacement have made a mockery of the sport he says. what is he doing. now he's draft ago bill to ban replacement referee from
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nfl games in his state. we'll see how that goes. >> new jersey is home to both new york giants and the new york jets of course. abc 7 news sports director larry biel is here now with his thoughts on just a really silly situation. jaws shame. >> we have seen the video over and over again. so what i thought we would do show what simultaneous possession really is in football games. floor director will throw it. we both have it so, let's say, in this case you are jennings from green basement you are the defender and i'm receiver. we both have it usually what happens we struggle. we tumble over. okay. in this case all right. we didn't simultaneous possession. what happened in this game is you are jennings from green bay. you grab the ball and you start to pull it into you and twist your body the other way. and i'm like this. i'm golden tate. okay. i'm not really possessing the ball but trying to get my hand where -- you have it. >> i'm the receiver. >> you have the defense. i
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have my hand on the ball but that's not possession of the ball. you are clearly possessing the ball. >> sure. >> it's not the taste where we are both together like this and it's a wrestling match. >> it was clear in the video. >> pretty clear in the video. let's take a look at the other stuff the officials messed up here because first of all this is pass interference. golden shoves sam shield right in the back just to get to the ball. >> i'm the packer. >> sew has the ball. you are the packer guy. now i'm the guy on the bottom trying to reach in and wrestle the ball away. it's hard to see because you don't have a great angle it's not close-up about clearly lacks like the packer player jennings had the ball. for simultaneous possession rule 8 section 3 article 1 item 5 pass caught simultaneously by 2 eligible opponent and both players retain it the ball belongs to the passing team. it's not simultaneous if a player gains control first and
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the opponent subsequently gains joint control. which is what we were democrat stating right there. >> right. the officials were really confused. you have 2 refuse remaking different call. lead one not pictured here wayne elliott he is to say all right you two guys what did you see. what did you see. let's huddle up get together and talk about it. then they reach a decision. consensus. instead elliott went over because he got buzzed by the booth so they went for a booth review. and then they started going under the hood to look at the video. here's the question. goes to booth review. why didn't they over turn the call. >> because this is nebulous no now. if you have a simultaneous possession call the rule book states you can't over turn that. okay. certain things you can over turn. this they decided also they didn't have indisputable video evidence. so the play stands. >> is it we have to good but the referee are pounced on for this. clearly a bad call but
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was it obvious bad call. looks complicated. >> it's complicated but they should have gotten the it straight. >> your ball. >> thanks. >> see new sports. very good explanation. well coming up. top google official is ordered arrested. we have that story as we continue. plus an early warning system for bay area earthquake and you know this one really works. >> i'm sandy. temperatures going to soar this week. remind you a lot of summer. i'll have the warm to hot forecast coming up. >> all right sandy thanks very much. do you ring this cub reporter as we tip tonight. a well desevened salute to one of our abc 7 news colleague. stay our abc 7 news colleague. stay
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>> update you on the story we brought you at the top the of the newscast. we'll get to the earthquake in a sec. the closure of 5 80 because of gun fair between 2 cars. those lanes have now been reopened. the road is now operating perfectly normally once again. >> all right. 6.2 magnitude earthquake rattled southern part of mexico baja peninsula today. mexican officials have no reports of injuries or serious damage. the quake epi-center located 47 miles north of lapaz off the gulf of
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california. of course earthquake that close to home is remind tore all of that you say we live with this risk every day. scientist long working on earthquake warning system. and now seismologist from uc berkeley say they have developed one that really wor works. friday they are going to go to washington to ask congress for the money to build it. the system uses sensors planted all over the bay area. can detect seismic wave from earthquake epi-center. goal is to send electronic alert over the internet to the general public as quickly as possible. >> so it can range from zero seconds. not everyone gets a warning but up to tens of seconds. about a minute worth of warning. so that's the time range. >> bart already developed a software program that analyzes this at that time a.warning would let it slow train downs to minimize shaking and make people a little safer. >> governor brown signed a bill into law today declaring 2 year moratorium on closing state parks. it provides 30 million dollars in funding and allows more fundraising for state park
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projects. measure also gives regulators a much tighter reign overstate park spending. all of this follows the scandal last summer involving the discovery of unreported 54 million dollars even as dozens of state parks were closing because of a budget crisis. >> sandy is in for spencer tonight. always nasty to see you. >> great to see you again. >> especially when the weather thinks nice. >> i'm pop already all of a sudden. i love it no. it's absolutely beautiful. dan we turn up the heat in the come days. not far. a little cooler tomorrow but after that you really start to feel the autumn warm here. beach weather but doesn't look like beach weather writ now. you can clearly see why from the emeryville camera. fog out towards interstate 80. and that fog is going to make for a slow go for the morning commut commute. so please be careful out there. tonight and tomorrow morning. let's check
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out live 7 hd rate now and i'll show you where the fog is sitting. it's in over the coast. we also have some fog in over the bay and to the north bay right now. so first thing in the morning do expect the fog. look at the visibility. half moon bay down to 3 miles. 8 miles in novato. 9 miles oakland. rest of the bay area 10 miles visibility but i suspect because we have been watching our tower cam are the visibility coming and going dropping at times then coming back you at times fluctuating visibility i call it. temperatures right now 50's, 60's, 74 in antioch. here are the highlights. fog tonight. dense in spots. a little cooler tomorrow. then heating up thursday through saturday. tomorrow morning make sure you bundle up when you leave home. item going to be on the cool side. especially in the north bay valley mid upper 40's. most other areas in the low mid 50's and you will see some fog around for the morning commute. like i said it may dense in spots so you might be slow go for the morning commute. water
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vapor imagery. satellite picture showing you the atmosphere. we'll see small changes for your wednesday afternoon. it really will be in the form of a slightly cooler day as we see a stronger sea breeze setting in for your wed afternoon. by the time we head into thursday friday and really the weekend high pressure sets up right here. we get this offshore flow which is a wind that blows toward the ocean and when that happens we will see much warmer weather for your weekend. this is going to mean beach weather for the friday through sunday time period. 70's at the coast. we get you up into the mid 90's inland. tomorrow, though, still tempered by the marine influence. beautiful day. 80 degrees in the south bay saratoga. 75 for new milpitas on the peninsula. a little bit cooler than average this time of year. 75 menlo park mountain view. 59 in pacifica and see a little bit of fog around so you need a sweatshir sweatshirt. daly city sunset district the upper 50's. 54 downtown san francisco. slightly cooler day in the
9:22 pm
north bay. 74 in san rafael. 78 santa rosa. east bay communities 70 san leandro. oakland 68. head inland. it's mild to warm tomorrow. 85 in fairfield. 86 livermore monterey bay skup agrees in carmel up to 79 in gilroy. accu-weather 7 day forecast is a slate dip in the temperature. most of you probably will not notice but you will notice when the warming trend gets under way starting thursday. much warmer weather inland by friday saturday sunday mid 90's inlan inland. low 70's at the coast. now 70's at the coast we expect around this time of year dan but the mid 90's will be warmer than a for the inland community for this time of yea year. >> 1 little last gaps of summe summer. >> absolutely and i have something to tell you. >> that's right. yes. >> 49,000 dollar richer. does that sound good to you. >> yes. >> 7 news about to make somebody 49,000 dollars richer just good to our facebook and like us. then check the win 4 49,000 dollar button to spwe.
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we'll announce the winner on october 18 right after the 49ers take on the seattle seahawks right here on abc 7. if you already like us and as i have said before how could you not, you still have a chance go to our facebook page and click that 49,000 dollar butt top that will take you right to the page where you can enter. it's a simple form. doesn't take very long dan. you have a chance. not you and i but the viewers do to win big. >> all right. we are inel jichbility stay with us. hundreds of feet below the sea diver air supply cut off for nearly 40 minutes how he khaet nearly 40 minutes how he khaet
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>> judge in brazil ordered arrest of google president in brazil after the company failed to take down you tube video. authorities say the video
9:27 pm
slander a candidate running in a mayor election. the judge ordered the remavl of the video last week but google is revving and says it is appealing. google says it is not responsible for the coming f content posted on the site. >> other world news. severe weather flooding across britain hundreds of homes evacuated and dozens of cars abandoned. heavy rain didn't let up since sunday and rivers across the uk overflowing the bank. forecas forecasters say more bad weather is on the way. sound like rolling thunder in syria is actually an explosion. several bombs were detonated in a ask which the current rejaime turned into military headquarters. human rights group in sir why says 20 people were injured. china launched the first aircraft carrier though it won't carry any planes. at least not for the time being. carrier purchased from ukraine without its engines weaponry or navigation systems. it's going to be used for testing and training supposedly but not
9:28 pm
used in military action. all right. more to bring you on 7 news at 9:00. south bay muslim trying for years to build is almost ick community center get a big victory. that story just ahead. >> also the anti-american protest that keep popping up all around the world with click of button. and the impact now having on the rest for president here. >> in prison for 19 years for crime he did not commit. summer intern long shot letter that becomes the turning point in this man life. you get the stor
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what was grandma's cold remedy? hi, primo! asopao! right, asopao! there you go cuz, so you can sweat it out! oh, and music... ( all ) music? ... heals the soul. the power to share unites us. verizon brings your entire family the savings of the share everything plan. unlimited talk. unlimited text. and data you can share with up to 10 devices, all in one plan. get the 4glte droid razr by motorola for $99.99. verizon. >> president obama today toll the quantityed nations he's disgusted by the anti-islamic movie made by california man. but he added that blaming the united states for it is also wrong. as of mark explains the
9:32 pm
movie and the protest have increasingly become an issue in the race for the white house. >>reporter: at the united nation today's president obama used the world stage to did he cry recent middle east attack on the u.s. >> the attack on the civilian in benghazi were attacks on america. there should be no doubt that we will be relen relentless in tracking down the killers and bringing them to justice. >>reporter: this week mitt romney hammered the president over what he characterizesed as the president's response to the benghazi attack. he said the development in the middle east are bumps in the road. that was my reaction. bumps in the road. we had an ambassador assassinated. >>reporter: today as if in reresponsible the president invoke the memory of ambassador stevens. >> we must reaffirm our future will be determined by people lick chris stevens and not by his killers. >>reporter: mr. obama called the video that sparked the protest crude and disgusting.
9:33 pm
then added this lesson in tolerance. >> like me the majority of americans are christian and yet we do not band blast themy against our sacred belief. i think people will call me awful things every day. and i will always defend their right to do so. >>reporter: at the children top global initiative conference g.o.p. challenger mitt romney didn't repeat his criticism of the president over the so-called bump in the road. but instead insinuated the president has not done enough. >> ambassador to libya was says 98 ed in a terrorist attack. iran is moving toward nuclear weapons capability. we somehow feel we are at the mercy of events rather than shaping events. >>reporter: but at usf middle east political expert says the television coverage of the riot and protest in the middle east make the unrest appear larger than it actually is. >> you have to remember that the actual protest by islamic extremist was relatively small.
9:34 pm
at least the violent ones. >>reporter: professor says most part the demonstration a few hundred people. maybe a few thousand but compared to the hundreds of thousands that is turn out to over-throw leaders in egypt, libya, in tunisia a these relatively small numbers he says are reason for optimism. in the newsroom, mark matthews abc 7 news. >> it ace green light tonight from the santa clara couldn't board of commissioners for islamic community center in san martin. plan for the cordoba center approved by the planning commission last thursday. project covers 15 acres on monterey highway just north of california avenue. the complex will include a prayer mosque and community center along with cemetery. debate over the project took police at 2 public meat ntion morgan hill last week. >> well today is the first full day of freedom for southern california man. imprisoned for 19 years for a murder he did not commit. john edward smith was 18 years old when he was convicted. intern with
9:35 pm
wrongful conviction group wrote a long shot letter to the only witness in the case asking to meet about the case. he did. and recanted his story. smith was exonerated yesterday. john hart from our sister station in los angeles reports. [ crying crying]. >>reporter: tears and smails for john edward smith after 19 years behind bars for a crime he didn't commit smith walks the streets a free man. >> good day and bad day. you know what i mean. staying hopeful that's all i can do. bitter sweet. i'm glad where i'm at now. >> you are now released. plus applause. >>reporter: smith was convicted first agree murder and attempted murder in connection with drive by shooting in south l.a. in 1993 had the conviction vacated after it was determined the only eyewitness committed perjury ri at trial. >> two months later they made an i.d. yes, it was a guy i went to school wishing o'connor of the non-profit innocent
9:36 pm
matter says the victim the only eyewitness finally recanted admitting that he never saw who shot him. that he was pressured by investigators. >> i'm happy and sad but the part of me that was in there with him i'm free now too. >> my grandma is sec and holding on so she can see my brother so this is this is a really big day for our family. we are just so happy. >>reporter: john edward smith wept to prison at age 18. now 37 he's focusing on the life left to live and not the life lost. >> i'm not bitter at all. ain't going to get me nowhere. i have to mav forward. >> what are you lacking forward to doing most now. >> going home seeing my grandmother. >> well stay with us. los angeles police department is reviewing the detectives work in that caseism as we continue how the brain that revolutionize physics can now be down loaded for 9.99. i'll be back. 7 news at 9 continue
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be back. 7 news at 9 continue thes in a moment
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>> we have incredible survival story to share with you. a commercial diver he and 2 men one in a diving bell were 260 feet under water in the freezing north sea. they were conducting tests in oil field about 115 miles east of scott land. but then the ship gps failed. starts to drift off course. in the process communication with the ship is lost. and chris air supply is severed. 260 feet down. chris had 15 minutes emergency suppl supply. officials locate his emergency signal. remote operated vehicle dispatched to find him. now chris smartly
9:41 pm
remained perfectly still to try to conserve energy. but 38 minutes would still pass before his colleague found hip. blue. lifeless and freezing cold. chris was quickly taken into the diving bell where after 2 breath of mouth to mouth resuscitation he was breathing again on his own. close calls don't get any closer than that. >> well the new i-pad app launched today could help you see the brain of albert einstein. slide of brain were made after his death in 1955 with his permission. and with the hope that future researchers could discover the secret behind his genius. and now for 9.99 anyone can peer into the brain of the man who revolutionize physics. >> now to the man who revolutionize 7 news. we reveal the identity of this cub reporter o
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6wfw"ñ"ñdqovookññçcñ wells fargo. >> tonight we are celebrating a major milestone for one of our own. it has been 40 years to the day actually since don sanchez first came to work at abc 7 news. cheryl has worked with don during much of the remarkable career. >> good evening to you. >> from the anchor desk to the red carpet. to wherever the soonment takes him. l. >> brought don her to scotland because i wanted you to experience what we experience. >>reporter: don sanchez has spent 4 decades sharing the world with abc 7 viewers. >> improve with age that's the motto. >>reporter: he got the start at ksby if san luis obispo. fresh face kid with a big voice. >> the voters are interested in
9:46 pm
law and order vietnam war and the cost of living. >>reporter: even back then don interviewed celebrity and lake other small town reporters he did commercials. >> unbelievable but true ready to go to the beach of course i'm going in my brand new barracuda. brand new color pack camera 2. >>reporter: after nine years it was suddenly over. >> one day they fired the entire news department. all 5 of us. >>reporter: just few days later don landed at kg o tv. >> they said well we will maybe give you 3 week worth of work. >>reporter: but once don put on the mandatory circle 7 sports coat he never looked back. >> march at noon to protest in front of the federal building. >>reporter: don loves the bay area and the bay area loves hi him. after benjamin brat grew up watching don. >> you are a legend. certainly a legend in my family. >> want to play me in the next film. >> if i could grow that kind of mustache i certainly would. >>reporter: in the early 70's
9:47 pm
don trademark mustache almost disappeared for good. >> news director said we don't have mustache here. you have to cut it off so i shaved the mustache. three years later the new news director said we want you to start doing sports. but you look too young. have you ever thought about agreeing a mustache? >>reporter: don made a dashing sports anchor. and he was willing to take risk is. his meeting with a sumo wrestler was so captivating the station ran it in slow motion and added ran it in slow motion and added music. don got hurt pretty badly but that didn't stop him from taking this white water rafting trip. another adventure in terror. set to music. >> gallon of water hit us with the force magnitude i have never experienced. >>reporter: don got sucked under water but manage to scrap bell to safety. lived to report another day. and the day after that too. >> one major goal defeat of ronald reagan in november.
9:48 pm
>>reporter: later don hosted a live morning show. [applause] and for seven years he and i were pair as anchor team. >> no. 1 in northern californi california. >>reporter: we worked together during some of the bay area biggest news event. his office is packed with momento of the stories. good and bad. >> 19 yain world series. remember? we were. >> we were anchoring. >>reporter: when the earthquake hit 7 news crew were first on the scene at the har hardest hit locations. we set up a make shift studio in the newsroom and back on the air quickly with critical information for viewers and non-stop reporting that earned a peabody award. >> that has always been my proudest moment here. not what i did but everybody who was working here did. it was extraordinary. >>reporter: don eventually became abc 7 news arts entertainment reporter. he's done hundreds of celebrity interview. made up like young franken stichbility even done a cameo on general hospital.
9:49 pm
>> there has been a shooting. >>reporter: through it all don is true to his risk taking roots n.scotland he tried sword fighting. and he was one of the very first to visit disney california adventure park. >> come on. faster. >>reporter: don still races out to cover news stories when needed. every week he does a movie review with bucket of popcorn to rate the show. >> full bucket. half a pwibingt. if you take it seriously, >>reporter: don your friends and fans have loved you for 40 years. so we'll give you a really full bucket. and we'll see you on the aisle. cheryl jennings, abc 7 news. >> we will indeed. congratulations don. nobody better knob nicer. sandy back out in sports. >> we cop grat late don he's a great guy. the 7 day forecast. all important weekend is coming. warm-up will arrive
9:50 pm
just in time. temperatures starting to rise thursday. mid 90's for the weekend inland. low 70's at our beaches. fall warm-up or heat up. however would you like to put it. of course we go back to work it cools off by then. >> thanks very much. >> larry is back with all the sports tonight. >> all right. a's. this is coming did you know the stretch here. trying to hang on for dear life in the play off chas chase. brandon moss key error [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was.
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and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible.
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>> come up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. bay area city reporting its first human case of west nile virus. we have that stor story. >> lady georgia georgia lashing out at the media over some unflattering pictures. singer surprising admission. that is coming up at 11 lady gaga fought happy. >> when you dress up in meat costume what is flattering photo you are wearing tried meat. oh. i don't know. start with some baseball. a's
9:54 pm
mastered the art of agonizing loss lately. trying to hang on to 2 game wild card lead. facing rangers tonight. josh oh, man. not on the starting line up in a slump. first i think malone and hamilton. 2 men on moss had a critical error saturday and just charges right past the ball overruns it 2 run score. 2 nothing texas. oakland ties it up in the fourth. chris carter. cc. his escapeth of the year when he makes contact it goes. tied at 2. still 2-2 in the sevent seventh. bases loaded for app drus. deep to right off doolittle. moss never mind that earlier mistake. to the warning track an crashes into the wall and he makes the play. extras. tied at two in the tenth. george came over in the trade for kurt suzuki. crushed second deck solo blast. i a's up. can they hold on. routin routine, 14 straight save. 3-2 the final a's within half game
9:55 pm
of baltimore for the top wild card spot in the al. about the orioles. shut out at home by top to seventh engine. l ted ward with the 106 rbi of the year. 4 nothing lead to the 9th. load the bases. ryan that's fly ball. routine. and that's the femur out. now the angels currently winning in seattle. if they do, they will stay 2 back of oakland for that last wild card spot. giants d-backs. tim scratched from the sunday start because the giants clinch. he didn't have it tonight. started the game with a 4 pitch walk then wild pitch through the leg of sanchez. 1 nothing arizona. vl paula fight mayor has 5 homer in 14 career at bat against tim. that is ownership off the foul pole. 5 nothing arizona. tim goes if you are open the hook for 7 earned runs. buster closing in on 100
9:56 pm
rbi. number 99. drives in the the double. dan relieves tim and mess in the fifth. he gets wild. justin in to make it 7- 7-1. timed backs leading 7-two in the 9th. 2013 world baseball classic comes to san francisco. semi and finals to be held at at&t park next marc march. wbc international competition featuring all star teams from the u.s, asia latin america, to name just a few. 28 country in all. giants pitcher ryan said it's special when you represent your own country. >> we obviously have great deal of parade to play for our city on a yearly basis and try to win the world series but definitely something that goes along with putting your country uniform on. >> 14 bay packers still fuming about the call on the last play of the game last night. quarterback roamingers former cal bear apologized to nfl fans today because he said the league isn't well to apologize. for putting inferior officials
9:57 pm
on the field. packers were robbed of the we know if seattle when the refs ruled that tate had caught the ball simultaneous us possession touch down. just embarrassmen embarrassment. >> have you ever seen such mass chaos in the nf l.everybody looking around like nobody knew what was going on. >> no. look at the replay. and then the fact it was reviewed. awful. that's all i'll say bit. >> thank you. if you ask golden tate to take a lie detector test did he catch that ball or md caught the ball, m d caught the ball. >> fall out continues today. green bay coach said his phone will not stop ringing. >> i have received more text messages and e-mails than i did after the superbowl. i can tell the impact this made. >> nfl players association director smith issued this statement saying while the folk daughter is about a blown call
9:58 pm
outcome of one football player our focus is the family of players. workplace safety contrary to some reports we are not crossing picture lean. refuse renot on strike. owner locked them out. we are of looking at actions to protect you. here's plenty on the mess. >> i thought the pass was intercepted. i thought the defender hit the ground before there was joint possession. and yes it means that we need to get the strike over. and get more experienced people in there. >>reporter: somebody give president clinton a whistle. the ryder cup begins mopped outside chicago. the squad within 4 of the last 5 times. bill murray take matter in his own hands for own sweater vest make sure the cup returns to american soil. he has it hidden in the bag. cinderella story. >> ryder cup is exciting. >> thanks very much. that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00.
9:59 pm
for all of us here, i'm dan ashley. thanks for watching. ashley. thanks for watching. appreciate you oh, my god, dude! there is definitely a helicopter pad on the roof of this building! - no, there isn't, charlie. - yes, there is! every single one of these corporate buildings has a helipad on the roof. - why? - charlie is right. there's always some big boss man fat cat that needs to be able to escape by helicopter. what is he escaping from? you know what? secret tunnels, then. - secret tunnels, bro? - secret tunnels. it's a monorail system and the helipad... guys, guys, guys. can we stop arguing please? i don't want to talk to this corporate joe any longer than we have to, okay? - fine. - we're split on the helicopters. we'll come back to the secret tunnels, - because i think that was an excellent idea. - i think we should. but i think we can all agree that we should at least hear this guy out, right? - i guess. - yeah, sure, let's hear the guy out.

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